Durban to lead a global protest against child abuse and gender-based violence

Durban is to set to make a powerful global statement in August, Women’s Month, when women from around the world converge on the city in a unified stand against child abuse and gender-based violence. Mrs Universe contestants from 84 countries will join NGO’s, women’s groups, civil society bodies and members of the public for the #OneVoice march in the city centre on 30 August 2017.

Dressed in black and wearing a gold ribbon, the women will gather at King Dinizulu Park from 8am and make their way to the Durban City Hall at 10am to speak out in #OneVoice on behalf of the millions of women and children worldwide who have suffered, and continue to suffer, at the hands of their abusers. In South Africa alone, official figures are alarming - pointing to a woman being murdered every eight hours by someone she knows. On a global scale, gender-based violence and violations against children are escalating despite intervention and prevention efforts.

“The #OneVoice march taps into the theme for this year’s Mrs Universe event, Empowering women. Creating change. What could be more hard-hitting than women from all over the world, from different backgrounds and communities, speaking out in a collective voice against the scourge of women and child abuse?” says Mrs Universe 2017 Hosting Director: Africa, Durban resident, Tracey-Anne Aggett. “We want governments, communities, civil society groups, men and women to join forces to protect our women and children. This is an international outcry; a global declaration that enough is enough.”

While Durban will be speaking out with #OneVoice on 30 August 2017, simultaneous peaceful protests will be held across the globe to highlight the concerns over child abuse and gender-based violence. Mrs Universe contests from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, India, U.S.A, Ukraine, North Asia and Gibraltar to name a few, have organised #OneVoice marches in their home countries to coincide with the SA event.

Here in SA, interest groups and individuals from around the country who cannot travel to Durban will be hosting their own #OneVoice protests albeit on a smaller scale. “We’ve been truly humbled by the support,” says Aggett. “The interest from men and women across the country has been overwhelming and inspirational. People want their voices heard and action to be taken. As South Africans and as members of a global community, we want to amplify awareness and steamroll action plans.” KZN schools have also pledged their support to the #OneVoice march. Pupils from Vukuzakhe High School and Menzi High School in Umlazi, Durban Academy from the Bluff and Bhekisisa High School from Ntuzuma are among those who have confirmed involvement.

Mrs Universe 2017 unites and celebrates married women between the ages of 25 and 45, who are doing phenomenal work to uplift and enhance their local communities through CSI initiatives, business development and global trade opportunities. The Mrs Universe 2017 World Final takes place at Durban’s Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre on 2 September 2017. It is the first time the event will be held on African soil.

#OneVoice will be the unique campaign underpinning MrsUniverse 2017.
To raise greater awareness of the violence and abuse crippling societies around the world, the Mrs Universe 2017 event will continue to support the global movement “No to violence against women and children”

To interview Tracey-Anne Aggett regarding the #OneVoice protest march, kindly email anisa@kznmc.co.za

GLOBAL MARCH DAY: 30thAugust 2017

The Mrs Universe Organisation’s core focus is Women Empowerment and Violence against Women and Children. With the 2017 event being held in Africa for the first time, we are initiating the first Global March for Women and Children’s Rights. We hope to make a historic global mark and impact for change.

This silent march is part of the program during the 9 days.

Dress Code: Wearing all Black and Gold Accessories / Ribbon

We would like to ask the Contestants for their assistance and support on the following:
  • Help the #ONEVOICE Campaign go viral: Social Media –Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV, Radio interviews, News Papers.
  • Urge your country community members to take part. They can safely march in their home towns on the 30thAugust 2017. Using the themed dress code and #OneVoice sign. We are aiming to connect all 84 countries and more to join the March and the world.
  • Create awareness of your country’s violent crimes against women and children. Actively speak about your mission and journey to the Mrs Universe 2017 event.
  • Drive the public to post themed #ONEVOICE Campaign pictures which support you as a finalist for Mrs Universe 2017.
All pictures / posts to be tagged with: #ONEVOICE & #MrsUniverse2017 #SouthAfrica



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